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Clipping Paths, Most of the people nowadays are fun of editing pictures for beautification purposes. This is why there are lots of editing software’s that are made just to supply the desire of the people.

In most cases, most probably in beginners, there are times that confusion arises because of the familiarity with the blending options that needs to be properly used. That is why there are some tutorials, articles, blog, etc. that can be used for your guidance. That is also that purpose of this review.

clipping paths


Did you know that you can now unveil the hidden beauty of your artwork? Yes! That is through the help of the Clipping Paths, one of the blending options you can find in an editing program. Are you familiar with this blending option?

What is Clipping Paths

  • A blending option that is sometimes called deep etch
  • A closed shape that is used in cutting out an image
  • A vector path that is used to 2D image

Since this clipping path is used in designing or editing, the usual user of this tool is the clipping paths specialist, a designer and even YOU. Yes! This tool can also be used by beginners in photo editing.

The clipping path, as a tool, features various functions such as:

  • As for background removal
  • Identifying the darkest value
  • Stating how similar the pixel’s lightness value can be
  • Shrinks the causing path relative to the path defined by the first two functions
  • Switches the hidden and visible areas
  • Makes areas transparent
  • Makes a path that halts at the noticeable edge of the graphic
  • Computes transparent areas using the actual file

The Clipping Paths in Photoshop has also use in directing the inside and the outside part of an artwork. This helps in separating the focus and the background your piece.


  • Least output errors
  • Not dependent on any image resolution
  • Can adjust the image
  • The background and the focus itself are not merged so when either of the two is edited the other part is not affected
  • Uses vector paths that gives a hard edge to an output


  • Manually operated that is why there are a big possibility of consuming much time and effort
  • Cannot handle too detailed and complex images
  • Too confusing for beginners

Because of the aforementioned cons of the product, there raise some alternatives to be used in editing images.

  • Clipping Mask – use for merging images
  • Compound Path – use for multiple editing

The Clipping Paths is conveniently used in combination of various editing programs giving you the finest output for the artwork. With the help of this, you will be able to have more access in doing such a better and outstanding artwork that can give satisfaction. The Photoshop clipping paths is the best choice to help every editor that finest touch with their artwork.

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