Frequent Asked Questions:

How Can I Apply free trial works?

Ans: Yes you can! If you have many images to process, and before you confirm the order you want to check the quality by having one or two image done by free trail works, please let us know. we only take payment once you 100% satisfied.

How Can I Get FTP information?

Ans: yes you can get ftp details. just ping us for ftp details. we will give you FTP information within 10 minutes. please contact here for FTP Details. also you email us directly [email protected]

How Can i sent and receive Images?

Ans: you can sent images through any kind of file transfer site link, etc. if you familiar with ftp you could also sent files through ftp. you can use [email protected] for transfer email address.

How do i pay after done works?

Ans: you can pay through bank wire if you own more then 500$. otherwise you can use paypal or moneybookers. we accepted monthly payment. we will do whole month and we will sent you invoice end of the month then you can pay.

How can i communicate with you guys?

Ans: you can communicate with us 24/7. you can reach us via email, phone,skype and gtalk. skype and gtalk id: mejbabiplob and email address: [email protected]

Can I get special price for bulk order?

Ans: yes you will get special price! it will be half of original price. the bulk order will be 1000-5000 images.

you have any other question just email us: [email protected]