How to Remove Watermark

There is lots of free and available watermark remover online. Number of person search on googl how to remove watermark? Almost all of them can be used by beginners to achieve their desired outcome, that is, a watermark-free image, but when it comes to speed and quality, one stands out among the rest. It’s none other than Photo Stamp Remover version 6.0.

You might think that I just wanted to make a sale or a paid promotion for this product through this article, but actually, I don’t. Photo Stamp Remover is absolutely free to download and you don’t need to sign-up for anything just to be able to use it. Splendid isn’t it?

How to Remove Watermark Features

Let’s dig deep into its powerful features:

  • It has a very simple GUI; which makes it usable by anyone who can use a computer.
  • It comes in a variety of picture formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, and etc.
  • It allows you to use several selection methods.
  • It can support multiple photo processing

Now you can know How to Remove Watermark One of the best services Photo Stamp Remover can provide is the remove watermark feature. This allows you to eliminate annoying logos, registration icons, texts and the likes from your desired photo.

You can know How to Remove Watermark from pdf by following these easy steps:

  1. Upload the photo with watermark.
  2. From the tools menu window, choose “Free-form Select” tool or “Select tool” to define the unwanted area.
  3. Click “Remove” or “Quick Remove” tool to begin deleting unwanted text or object.

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Free-form select tool allows you choose a particular area on your photo to remove. Compared to other photo editor online, it gets the job done faster. You don’t need to point your cursor from time to time to make the watermark invisible. Remove or quick remove tool makes the deletion process faster. But it doesn’t just end up to that. Instead of leaving the removed area blank, it automatically fills it with surrounding color and texture.

Unlike other free online photo editors which give limited number of images to edit, Photo Stamp Remover supports multiple image editing. You can edit as much photos as you want.

You might be concerned how to remove watermark of the disk space it can consume when you download it right? But there’s no need to worry. Its size is only 6.5 mega bytes so it will not slow down your computer. This size goes with the average software size you install and use on your computer. Installation is very quick and easy too!

If you check its official website, you can watch a demo video and see some screenshots of how this awesome product actually works.

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Moreover, in case you want to compare the initial state of the photo against the edited version, revisions or changes are actually unnoticeable. This makes a high quality output that you need. You can now use it to whatever purpose it may serve you, like using it on your MySpace account, blog or website. For more information of this software, you may also read through their website and see editor’s review column.


Program features may not be as flawless like what it claims. User’s focus has to be maintained while using How to Remove Watermark because of the minimum basic commands.

 How to Remove Watermark

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How to Remove Watermark