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Picture editing is not just an application to improve taken images, but a way to express art and creativity. You can edit photos by doing deep etching, photo retouching, photo manipulation and many other photo editing tools.

One of the editing techniques that most people do is image manipulation software, a process in which you will apply different schemes on photographs to create an illusion. This process is done usually for artistic reasons and deceitfulness.

There is a wide range of online image manipulation software that you can use to make your image manipulation technology easier.

So here’s a drop-down list of six free photo editing that offer good quality image manipulation software for services:

Lists of Image Manipulation Software

  1. Photobie – is free software for photo editing, digital scrapbooking and painting. Photobie uses both basic and advanced editing techniques. They also offer useful features such as a Photoshop filter, screen capture, GIF animation and image browser. You can watch Photobie’s video tutorials if you want to learn how all their features work.
  2. This software offers simple and easy-to-learn interface which is helpful for users who are not so familiar with editing programs. do have keyboard shortcuts, impressive fast service, layers function, special effects like bulge, pencil and soften portrait effects and a lot of great tools.
  3. Pixia – is a free editing program that focuses on effects application and image manipulation and enhancement. Pixia also has a simple interface, giving you ease to edit and improve your photographs. You can make graphics (including text and textures) in this software by using their dozens of awesome effects. Pixia supports all image file formats and runs on any Java-enabled platforms including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  4. Active Pixels – is a program that offers simple tools to click and drag images, crop, paint, and insert text. Active Pixels have filters that can give your photo a textured appearance; they also have ‘screen capture’ tool that works well as their extra feature. This program is best for those users who are looking for the ‘most’ basic techniques in photo editing.
  5. Photoscape – is a powerful online photo editing software that freely offers tools for resizing, cropping, colour and brightness adjustment as well as light correction and red-eye removal. You can draw pictures, create a mosaic and add text, frames and/or balloons as you do image manipulation. Photoscape is designed not just for photo editing but for creating slideshows and animated GIFs, combining and splitting images, etc.
  6. PaintStar – is a flexible image editing software that suits best for photo retouching, image morphing, photo composing and authoring, screen capture and displaying of image thumbnail in Windows Explorer context menu. It supports common editing techniques such as alpha, path and layer. PaintStar has 26 methods of combining modes and a complete set of painting tools which include modified brushes, gradients and texture.

If you can’t manage to pay purchase programs, you can still find good quality and free of charge photo editing software online to create and edit images.

Warning : Manual image manipulation is better then image manipulation software.

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