Image Manipulation Technology:

Technology development is one thing maybe people cannot stop. As time goes by, the technology becomes higher and higher. The knowledge of men is increasing rapidly to the point that in every single time new inventions and discoveries are gathered together. One of the best examples for that development can be seen in the image industry. From the basic paintings or any other simple things that the early people had discovered, the image industry becomes higher.

The Image manipulation technology development is bringing us different kinds of experiences. It brought us some good and some bad encounters. In the late 1860s, airbrushing has been used in photo manipulation. Before computers and cameras arise, the early civilization tried to use paints; inks and other paper make some arts in images.

Image Manipulation Technology : A Deeper Look

  • Is the application of image editing to create illusion and deception
  • Also called ‘airbrushing’ before the rise of Photoshop
  • Is the skill of changing an image to show what the editor want it to be than what the picture actually displayed

The Basics Of Image Manipulation Technology  Services:

  • Automatic Image Enhancement
  • Digital Data Compression

Image Manipulation Technology Features:

Here is the list of the most used functions of various graphic manipulation programs.

  • Selection
  • Image Size Alteration
  • Layers
  • Cropping An Image
  • Histogram
  • Noise Reduction
  • Removal of Unwanted Elements
  • Selective Color Change
  • Image Orientation
  • Perspective Control And Distortion
  • Lens Correction
  • Enhancing Images
  • Sharpening And Softening Images
  • Selecting and Merging Of Images
  • Slicing Of Images
  • Special Effects
  • Change Color Depth
  • Contrast Change And Brightening
  • Gamma Correction
  • Color Adjustments
  • Printing
  • Warping


  • Online Image Manipulation Technology – there are some sites that are offering some image manipulation technology through online.
  • Image Manipulation Technology – offered in some sites where in you can buy the software through online. Some can be downloaded and be installed for a long time use.

The former option gives you the access in image editing by the use of internet access. This one is limited in use due to the nature it requires. The latter option is a convenient choice as it gives you the capability to edit images through software. This means that you can have editing even without internet access.


  • The photo can be improve in many times even in many ways
  • It helps adding necessary details in an image
  • Helps remove unwanted parts of image
  • Can virtually manipulate the subjects body weight
  • Gives special effects, decoration and life to a dull image
  • An change the black and white mode into a colored one or vice versa
  • Can make some necessary detailed corrections
  • Gives the designers a convenient time
  • Helps the customer satisfaction


            For Software:

  • It changes the true value of an image
  • The beginners and amateur editors will have hard time using image manipulation technology’s software

For Online Photo Editing:

  • Fewer features
  • Have difficulty in importing and sharing images
  • May lack for customer service
  • It may not have flexibility
  • There are some celebrities who are against the manipulation

The Image manipulation Software has been widely spread all over the world. That is why we cannot control the use of it. This fact somewhat brings some threat to others because there are corrupt individuals who are using it for deceit and greediness. The photo editing may be harsh or not depending on the way it will be used. At the end it is still in our hands.

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