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Have you experienced being tricked by edited photographs, wherein you don’t even recognize the flaws because it is edited? That’s how cool online photo editors can be!

Pixlr is just one of the great photo editors online that offers a lot of great tools to edit your photos. Unlike other photo editor, Pixlr is way awesome because of its high end standard. Pixlr doesn’t just an editing tool to crop, resize, clone, expose and enhance color, it is also a tool that can hide unwanted elements from the captured portraits.

Pixlr has many uses and it is composed of three sub-categories that work as a website namely:

  1. Pixlr Editor
  2. Pixlr Express
  3. Pixlr-o-matic


Photo Edit Features

Here are some features that you can have in Pixlr Editor:

  • Merging Layers
  • Anti-aliasing (that combats uneven distortions)
  • Feathering (used for balancing thickness of the selection’s border)
  • Tolerance (that corresponds the state of colour)
  • Opacity (which implies the level of accountability concerning the affected layer or drawing tool)
  • RGB/HSL (used to coding colors)


Pixlr Express – this is a good tool to express the desired look you’d like in an image. Since this is not a serious type of editing software, you can do a quick fixing adjustment here which includes:


  • Adjustment. It includes the following basic tools for editing such Cropping, Resizing, Auto Fixing, Liquifying, Contrasting, Smoothening And Sharpening.
  • Effects. It has a  Colour Adjustment tool that comes with different themes such as Vintage, Unicolor, Subtle, Soft, Creative, Default And Too Old.




  • Overlay. It deals with different types of designs  like Neon, Olga, Flames, Fireworks, Retro Poster And Space
  • Borders. It serves as a photo enhancer that will add texture to your image line.
  • Stickers.  A useful feature to attract more viewers by using cute stickers.
  • Type/text. A device for elaborating ideas about the image.


Pixlr-o-matic  – this is the fastest way of fixing image’s blemishes that does not need too much effort by  just putting some of these features:


  • Effects.
  • Overlays.
  • Borders.


Pixlr Editor – This literally resembles Adobe Photoshop software. The way how tools have been organized make it similar to Adobe. Pixlr Editor has been the best online professional photo editor among the three websites given above because it gives the full version of a professional output along with the full package editing tools needed.


You cannot use this program offline unless you download it to your mobile device.

If you are aiming to have professional outcomes, you don’t need to waste too much time and money.  All you have to do is to search around the internet and find the perfect photo editor that would satisfy you.  A very simple way of creating a perfect look is choosing the best photo editor.

Photo Edit

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