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Are you looking for a photo Editing online that would help you save a lot of time, money and effort while still giving you excellent results? Search no more, for Image Suite has it all!

Image Suite is a WordPress plug-in that works as an online professional Photo Editing. This is another breakthrough in the graphics design industry that let’s you search for hundreds and thousands of copyright-free photos, edit/ customize these images, and use it right away for your blogs. There’s no need to sign out from your WordPress accounts because all of this process can be done within the comfort of your dashboards.

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Image Suite links to five cool websites that offer high quality and resolution images namely Google Images, Flickr, Europeana, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, and Openclipart. It works as a speedy search engine for royalty-free photos too.

Photo Editing Features

This awesome plug-in is powered by Pixlr photo-editing technology which means you can Customize Your Images by photo editor  right in front of your dashboard. It includes six WYSIWYG tools namely adjustment, effect, overlay, borders, stickers and type.


This feature allows you to adjust the color of your image. You can use “Focal” to blurr , glow, or boost color of your subject according to your preferred intensity. Just don’t forget to click “apply” to save the changes you make or it will not take effect.


There are 20 effects that you can apply to a certain images by using this feature. Some of these are Liquify, Airbrush, Vibrance, Rotate, Sharpen, Smooth, etc.


Enjoy over 19 types of overlay for your photos. You can add fire, retro theme, leaks, paper backgrounds, fireworks effects and many more using overlay tools.


Choose from 10 cool selections for borders for your image. These covers film, grunge, ink, nature, pattern, ripped paper, rounded corner, squared, white ripped and the default border.


Adding stickers to your images makes it more personalized. With Image Suite, you can accessories, comic, effects, marks, symbols, tattoos, zodiac, nature,love, pride, summer, antique, kawaii stickers and many more to make your image more lively and colorful!


Type tool enables you to add text to your image. It doesn’t only end there. You can choose from 7 cool different fonts to match your image theme namely: dotted, grunge, handwritten, novelty, retro, sans, and serif. You can also adjust text size and its position on your image.

ImageSuite is the latest and most developed WordPress plug-in to edit images within your dashboard. You don’t have to have a hard background just to be able to make an outstanding image. Now with this very powerful tool, you can create one-of-a-kind images for your blogs without spending much effort, time and money.


Best part is that the images that you can find within these websites are under the Creative Commons Rights which means you can do everything you want with these pictures. You can use them both for personal and commercial purposes without feeling frightened that someone will sue you for copyright issues.


This program cannot be used outside your WordPress dashboards and when you are offline.


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