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Photo retouch is a way to balance both amateur and professional photographs. In order to produce high quality results and awesome portraits, you need to create a perfect retouching balance for your shots by using a photo retouching software. Perfect Portrait 2 is one of the best Photo retouch to improve and polish your photographs.

Perfect Portrait 2, photo retouch app & photo retouch tool got a score of 7.73 out of 10 because of its flexibility and simplicity of use. It makes a great plug-in with Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. This software is available in OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Perfect Portrait 2 is just one of the great tools for doing a photo retouch . This costs $99.95, a price reasonable enough to help you get your photos fixed, enhanced and balanced by allowing you to apply presets and layers as well as color adjustments.

Photo retouch app for OS and Windows FEATURES

Perfect Portrait 2 provides a bunch of great enhancement tools including hundreds of preset filters and effects. These presets range from men, women, children and groups categories. You can choose your “favorite” from these presets for easier access.

This software works same with Photoshop in terms of customization which allows you to add layers to your photos thus creating perfectly beautiful effects.

Perfect Portrait 2 will automatically scan your pictures as soon as you open it. It will detect precise retouching points like in the mouth and/or around the eyes of the subject. You can move these points and check them to make sure that they are placed at the exact location before editing them.


Photo retouching also means enhancing the color of your photo. You can use the slider controls to adjust warmth. This software also includes an impressive tool called “Drop-down Box” which provides selections that give a range of natural tones. It lessens your effort in finding skin tone colors that would compliment your whole photo.

If you don’t want to enhance some areas in your photo, you can place a mask on it by using the Perfect Brush Tool. You can also control the size, radius and opacity of spaces. This tool works as a combination of healing brush and selection tool of a photo editing software.


Perfect Portrait 2 is fun and easy to use but unfortunately, it doesn’t contain all features that you need.  This photo fixer neither includes features that can make your body appear slimmer nor have facial adjustment and make-up application. You can’t also deep-etch your photo here because this software doesn’t offer a deep-etching service.

Perfect Portrait 2 has its exceptional help and support options on their website whenever you need an answer for your questions about the software. You can also watch and view their video tutorials on YouTube for visual learning on how to make your portraits perfectly polished.

Photo retouch app

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