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You can’t always look perfectly beautiful in all your photos. Some shots can be terrible especially when it’s a stolen or surprise shot. But don’t worry because Beautune can help you out.

Beautune is a cool photo fixer, to help you enhance your photos so that you will still look good whenever your portrait have blemishes or other unnecessary elements.

Photo Retouching Tools Features :

This photo retouching Tools provides advanced and basic features that you need to improve your photos. It was rated 6.13 out of 10 for its uniqueness and effective photo retouching tools that can work on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and above. To have this imposing level of compatibility, Beautune includes features which allow the user to fix his photos quickly on whatever computer he uses. This software costs $29.99, a convenient price to have functional photo retouching Tools.

There are four sections in Adjustment Menu that is placed on the left side of your screen: Skin, Eyes, Mouth and Advanced. Here are their functions and how to use them:

  • Skin Menu – It contains tools that you need to make rough skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, remove blemishes and even reshape the face of your subject. You will just simply drop the brush tool to soften rough skins or wrinkles around the eyes through the nose and around the face and neck. Use the “Blemish fix Tool” and/or “Wrinkle remover” to make the subject’s blemishes and imperfections disappear. Use the “Reshape Tool” if you want to reshape your subject’s face or body.


  • Eyes Menu – It contains tools that allow you to brighten subject’s eyes, add mascara and put eyeliner. You can also enlarge the subject’s eye to make it appear bigger.


  • Mouth Menu – It contains two tools, the Teeth Whitening and Lip Tint. Use Teeth Whitening to whiten stained teeth, just choose the brush size and intensity then apply it on the teeth. While the use of Lip Tint is to change the colour of your subject’s lips, and because Beautune doesn’t have facial mapping, you will havzze to manually draw the lip color you desire.
  • Advanced Menu – This photo retouching tools & Photo Retouch App has a selection of trending style frames and filters that can make your portraits cool and interesting. You can make your pictures appear vintage or classic with these frames or apply a warm filter to add more stylish appearance.


Beautune’s Make-up kit

If you want an instant makeover, Beautune can also do it for you. Your photo retouching Tools would be perfect in this kind of tool. You can use the “Foundation Brush” to make your subject’s skin looks even better or add blush on to highlight her cheekbones. With this makeup kit, you can make your subject look younger than his/her actual age. To have a perfect angle that you want, you can use the reshape tool and see what changes it can make.

It is also good to deep etch your photo if you want a neat portrait. When you do this, you will just eliminate your picture’s background and replace it with other unique backgrounds –either plain or not. You can do this on Photoshop and on some specialized application that offers a

Photo Retouch  Service



The only downside of this program is that it’s not for free

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