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Photo retouching is one of the most important techniques to make your photos unique and attractive. Photo retouching is the most common yet difficult task in Photoshop. However, you can use online photo editing software or purchase deep etching services that offers unique deals of enhancement and deepetch tools to aid your retouching skills.

One of the best software in photo retouching is the ArcSoft’s Portrait Plus. It has unique and user-friendly interface made for competent integration of the portrait workflow.

Portrait Plus works as a Photoshop plug-in (where it will import and export all file formats that are supported by Photoshop). It also works as a stand-alone application of Windows and Mac. The stand-alone version of Windows can trade in BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PNG image file formats of 24bits per pixel while the stand-alone version of Mac can trade in RAW, JPEG, TIFF and PNG image file formats of 24 bits per pixel.


Photo Retouching Tools Manual

Some Portrait Plus’ effects would take you a long time to master its use but it is not that tough to learn, though. They have manual photo retouching tools  &  Photo Retouch App that are fun and easy to use thus giving you ease in doing photo enhancement.

  • Skin – Portrait Plus uses smoothing tools like what other software do, it blurs unwanted elements and skin imperfections on the subject. Aside from identifying detailed areas to retouch, Portrait Plus also gives you an extensive control on what to repair, therefore giving you natural-looking results. They also ensure that they maintain the original skin tone as they perform pimples, scars and scratches removal.
  • Enhancement – This software has reshaping and fine-tuning facial features. By using enhancement tools, you can remove eye circles, blemishes and oiliness on the subject. You can make his eyes appear brighter or wider. You can deepen the subject’s smile, make his face slimmer, lift his cheeks, enhance his nose and whiten his teeth.
  • Makeup – This tool is essential especially when you need to enhance your subject’s face. However, you need to put an extra care on using this set of tools to avoid obvious adjustments and over-retouching. Enhance your subject’s eyes using eye colour, eye lashes, eyeliner, eye shadow and shape eyebrows effects. Blush, lipstick and colored contacts are also included.


Portrait Plus has an auto-detection task. It automatically detects faces in your photos and recognizes 24 key facial features. Though its Auto-Detection feature is by design, it is not always perfect. Sometimes if there’s problem in the image, you are required to manually select target areas and facial features. This software can also detect multiple subjects of up to 20 faces in one image.


Portrait Plus is a great photo fixer. It offers high quality of photo retouching services and gives simple but significant changes on your photos. The downside is that you have to keep focus while using the tools because it only offers basic minimum tool commands.

 Photo Retouching

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