Founded in 2011, Clipping Path Plus (CPP) is keen on making you satisfied via providing high quality photo editing services. We have 50 photo editing specialists working in day and night shifts so as to boost our work efficiency. We also provide you with a free trial of each kind of service to show you our quality of work. Our services are listed below:

 Clipping Paths :

You can enjoy much freedom in design with clipped objects, provided that these objects remain realistic after being clipped. In other words, the edges have to be smooth. We are able to do this for you without a doubt. You can then use individual clipped images to create new things.Clipping paths

Photo Background Remove :

This service will be your desired one if you feel dissatisfied with the background of your image. Background removal is also a must if you want to replace the original background with a new one. This photo editing job can be challenging if the image is very complicated. We can help you eliminate it perfectly no matter how complicated the image is.

 photo backgorund removal

Photo Masking :

Being the last thing to do in photo editing, photo masking aims at further enhancing the quality of your photo. With the help of this service, your image will become sharper and smoother than before, which should be a desired high quality picture of yours.

photo masking

Photo Retouch :

This service can help you perfect your image through small changes such as adjusting colors and removing unwanted marks and noise. This can help you restore an old photo, which may be folded or even torn, to how it looked like originally as well.

image retouch

Image Manipulation :

Various photo editing techniques such as merging two objects are required when an image is getting manipulated. There may be a tremendously alternation. Through modifying the image, new effects and a very different theme can be created. If you are looking for a piece of artwork of high quality, this service is the most suitable.

image manipulation

Color Correction :

A correct color theme plays a very important role to make a picture perfect. Through this service, you can have an improved picture with its colors adjusted or even replaced. This not only makes your picture sharper, but also enables you to create an ideal thematic artwork.

color correction

Watermark Remove :

It is not easy to remove the watermark, especially a complicated one, from a photo. If you are bothered by the watermark in your image, we can help you get rid of it. After that, the picture will look the same as the original one in which its watermark had not yet been added.


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