Image Masking

Often times, image masking can bring results which are not so good or less than perfect especially when your subjects have blurred edges. It would be very difficult and time-consuming to remove the subject from the background if it has complex and fine details. Aside from using alternative tools to create an image mask easily, why don’t you try to browse online and find Image Masking Photoshop. Photo editing programs are free while others are billed but what’s the most important is the quality of services they provide you.

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You should try Perfect Masks 8. It is an essential cut-out tool perfectly designed for image masking. Perfect Masks 8 is an outstanding program that allows you to remove background and create masks on your photos with less time to consume it. Their masking technology provides you easy tools to make a selection and isolate backgrounds. With the use of their quality brushes and clean up tools, you can generate premium mask outputs. You can also read Make Your Artwork Creative by Photoshop Masking. Perfect Masks 8 has a complete set of great removal and clean-up tools to help you out in creating high-quality masks in quick and easy way. They use color recognition technology which allows you to identify certain colors, this is to keep and drop colors for correct background removal.

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Here are some of Perfect Masks’ brushes:

  • Drop Brush Tool – It tells the program of what colors do you want to paint out on your image background. Use this tool by just clicking and dragging the tool on the areas you want to remove.
  • Refine Brush Tool – used to refine some edges on the subject after removing the background. Click and drag the tool along the edges of your subject to remove excess colors left.
  • Magic Brush Tool – It works similarly to the Fine Brush. Select colors to remove excess background.
  • Colour Spill Brush Tool – the tool used in removing unwanted color reflections.
  • Magnetic Pen Tool and Chisel Tool – use these tools to carve away excess pixels around the edges of your mask.
  • Masking Brush Tool – used to mask out areas to show layers underneath.

In Perfect Masks 8, your image masking will be a way easier than before. You can remove specific areas in a quick and simple way, you can masks difficult areas in just a strike of their brush tools and you can also remove and keep areas based on the image color. They offer awesome features such as an automatic background removal, layered workflow, flexible previews and background library.

Perfect Masks 8 perfectly work as a free plug-in application with Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. You can also use it as a stand-alone application.

I’m looking at Perfect Masks 8 as ideal software to use in photo masking. You can create awe-inspiring images here while you’re having fun using their best tools. The way how this software works as an image masking tool is as great as what other legendary software do.

Image Masking

Image Masking

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