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Images before is hard to change that is why once they were captured, its result is already as is. No adding Filters or adding illusions will do but by making up of mind of the inventors, an invention had created to help the public promote the capability of making peoples’ lives more efficient and easy.

As a result, a bunch of online customize your images nowadays, can be used as an effective device that boosts one’s image quality which can easily be found and avail at home for free regardless of anything concerning the membership fee for registration and does not even require an age limit that is why when it comes to boosting one’s image of its best, a very powerful tool can give a great help for you that can thoroughly flourish and can make a phenomenon.

One of the top rising Photo Editing software which is frequently visited and used for Photo Editor :

PicMonkey. It was once the online photo editing service created by two Engineers, in which the first software they created was called Picknik, which they later on developed and revised its name into Picmonkey that has the same attributes, but has a greater standard than before.

Photo Editor


Useful benefits you can get from Picmonkey:

  • Basic Edits. It includes cropping, rotating, altering exposure and colors along with resizing. What is overwhelming on this feature is that it really makes the not so great taken pictures much brighter and clearer which makes a way for having 10 times better quality!
  • If you are promoting products, Picmonkey will bring you into fonts, overlays and frames you can use for making your blogs in demand and market!
  • Cool Backgrounds that you can probably use in your blog posts, Facebook banners and marketing sites can also be a great way of adding more thrills to the audience to make them visit your blogs or sites more often.
  • Cloning tools for making fancy images.
  • Collages for piling up pictures! Reminisce your school days, infant days and Store them as memorable images by doing this process.
  • Different kinds of effects like Orton, Cross Process, Dusk, Intrepid, Rapture, Urbane and Tranquil to enhance the outward look of the image.
  • Touch Up Tools that can fix blemishes, whiten teeth, Red Eye Remover and Nip Tuck.
  • It offers themes that can add meaning to your image!
  • Texture for a better attractive look!
  • It gives texts that can give a clearer prospective about the image you present or promotes.


Unfortunately, some features are not for free and needs to be purchased but what’s good in this software is that, there is no need for high end quality cameras because it already enlists the different choices of editing tools that is beneficial to use. The only thing you can do is to choose the right editing tools to have the desired look of your presentation.

Photo Editor

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