Photo manipulation Dominating Image Industry

As a person living in an integrated world of technology it is undeniable that you love taking pictures most especially in significant events of your life. Sometimes we experienced having some photos taken good but some are taken not that much. There are times that you desire to improve those images that you have been taken for a further pleasure.

photo manipulation

Photo manipulation Technology: An Excerpt

  • Image manipulation has brought a big development in the image industry since 1860.
  • Before the computer and the Photoshop arises the photo manipulation has been achieved through the use of paint, ink, piecing photos or negatives together in a dim room.
  • ‘Airbrushing’ was also used before that is why manipulation was also called as ‘airbrushing’.
  • Manipulating of images has been known long before the camera invention.

Image manipulation: Past Facts

  • There came a time in the industry of photo editing that the government is willing to ban it because of its negative results. Many celebrities are against manipulation as some of them experience the bad side of it. Though it goes through various issues the Image manipulation still continues its fly as the people realize its positive side dominating the negative facts.

Two Types Of Photo manipulation Service:

Image manipulation: Its Uses.

The art of transforming an image of a desirable condition is now called as Photo manipulation.

  • Enhancing the image’s resolution
  • Controlling and Distorting perspective
  • Sharpening Images
  • Cropping An Image
  • Orienting Image
  • Changing Color
  • Adjusting tone
  • Removing Unwanted Parts of image
  • Size alteration
  • Merging of images
  • Applying special effects

Image manipulation is made in various reasons some are for artistic reason but some are of deceit. The former are usually done with professionalism in good intentions but the latter is for deception, turning the true depiction of reality into corruption.



  • Helps the designer to enhance their artworks
  • Can remove unnecessary details
  • Can enhance dull and simple pictures


  • Confusing to use
  • Hard time sharing images
  • There’s a possibility of changing some details in an image

It an be done in two different ways; one is through online photo editing but the most advice way is the second one which is through buying or installing software for editing. This will give you the chance of editing images in a much convenient way than the online editing can give.

The image industry has truly made its wings widely spread. It has almost invaded the smaller part of our lifestyle. It gives a lot of help in terms of designing but there are also bad things happened. The choice now is the hand of the people who uses it. Photo editing is truly a good thing to do when we do it in good ways but this small thing can bring big trouble when it is used in deception.

Photo manipulation technology 

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