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What if you’re looking for a certain image on Google search and you’re so excited to find a best fit image for your blog but unfortunately, after downloading it, you realized it has an annoying watermark inscribed on it?

If this is the case, don’t let that watermark put you down. There are lots of available online photo editors that offer watermark remover features, and the best part is, you don’t need to spend a single dime. One of the coolest watermark remover online is Inpaint.

Inpaint is free-to-download software that lets you remove unwanted objects such as date/ time stamps, company logos, people (big or small), and the likes which are classified as watermarks. It can also be used to restore old photos by removing scratches, dusts and ugly frames.

Watermark Remover Features

You can start using Inpaint by uploading the image that you wish to edit. By selecting the portion or area that you want to remove, you can start the editing process.

There are several tools that you can use for that action. One example is the marker tool which allows you to paint over the text or image you want removed. Another one is the lasso tool that allows you to draw the outline of the area that you want to eliminate. You can also explore the magic wand, the polygonal lasso and the guidelines. Use these tools to select and deselect area of your image.


This tool works almost the same with other watermark remover online namely Pixlr, only faster. You will use a surrounding color or texture to fill the removed part with it by just a click. Unlike Pixlr where you have to click on the “donor” area, then the watermark, you will just have to do it once in Inpaint.

Inpaint can also be used for other photo editing actions such as enhancing image color, hue, saturation, warmth and texture. You can edit as many images as you need after successfully downloading the software. Its size, 8.2 mega bytes is not so big compared with other popular photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which offers almost the same features for editing and  watermark remover on your photos.

It is highly recommended for students, photographers, bloggers and almost anyone who needs to Remove watermark.


The only known downside of this awesome software is that it has a limited supported format for images. It only works for JPG, BMP, and PNG image files.

If you wish to learn more of its powerful tools, you can watch a free demo video of how its tools actually work along with some screenshots.

Watermark Remover can never be easier with Inpaint. Even professionals find this software very useful. It gives outcomes with quality and superb effects.Now you have enough knowledge about how to remove watermark So next time you encounter an image with watermark on it, don’t frown, don’t be sad and don’t lose confidence, just pull up Inpaint from your computer and start remaking it.

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